About Us

In this world of Mergers and Acquisitions it is refreshing to see new companies formed and old Brand Names given new life. As these companies get larger and larger they choke off any opportunity to service their customers the way they should be.

ASL Roteq are committed to providing first class customer service by constantly assessing the wants and needs of our customers and molding our solutions accordingly.

We excel at any aftermarket challenge where time and time again we improve efficiency of or extend the life of your rotating equipment.

Repair Services

From the simple repair to the complex overhaul we approach each repair with an engineered solution. Each repair is reviewed by our engineering department before any recommendation is provided. We take into account all of the facts before us particularly the wants and needs of the customer.

Field Services

We are pleased to provide one stop shopping with our turnkey services. We will remove, refurbish and return your equipment to service. One stop shopping with one warranty.

Progressive Pump Rotor Upgrades

Tired of spending exorbitant amounts on your PC pump repair? We have proven technology to improve your PC Pump life by 50% at half the cost of replacement parts.


When parts become obsolete or too expensive to purchase from the OEM we are glad to provide you with quality aftermarket parts. Our approach is to reverse engineer components including researching bearing and seal fits or gear tooth profiles. We do not just copy the parts.

Mixer Drive Exchange

No time for repair? We can provide you with a mixer drive exchange and ship a mixer solution within 24 hours from receipt of your call. We often have the mixer on site before the failed drive has been removed.

New Equipment

ASL Roteq are proud to have partnered with new equipment suppliers who share our customer service philosophy. Our suppliers must be focussed on your needs with new and innovative products and services. Our suppliers must exhibit cost leadership to provide our customers with their highest value solution.

Ruhrpumen Pump Company

Ruhrpumpen Pumps, with it’s purchase of the former Flowserve (Byron Jackson) Tulsa Oklahoma manufacturing facility and the WDM (Worthington, Crane Deming, and Nassa Johnston Pumps of Mexico) plant in Mexico, has given new life to the pump line and risen from the ashes of the Flowserve acquisition of IDP. Ruhrpumpen was formed out of the merger between Flowserve and IDP. With Heritage names such as Worthington and Byron Jackson this newly formed company provides a complete range of centrifugal pumps for both the API and Water and Wastewater Treatment markets. All of the equipment is managed out of their Tulsa Oklahoma Facility.

Professional Mixing Equipment

Our mission is simple: to develop a safe, world class manufacturing facility which produces a rugged, reliable, yet economical mixer that exceeds the expectations of the customer in both performance and mechanical design. In achieving this mission, we will promaote a strong sense of pride within the organization and estabish long term mutually beneficial relationship with our clients.

Yeoman Chicago Pumps

Yeomans Chicago Corporation is a quality manufacturer of pumps, submersible motors, package lift stations, pneumatic ejectors, grinders, comminutors and other products serving municipal and industrial waste water markets. We manufacture several distinctive product lines under the following brand names and product groups: With an accumulated service record of over 320 years, we have built a strong reputation of proven performance, dependable products, inovative designs and quality manufacturing. It is this rich history that backs our promis of high quality products and services.


We provide a 2 day fully interactive pump and pumping system training session complete with student workbook and pump and seal working models and cutaways. ASL Roteq use the Projitech method of training for our customers. The course has been approved by the Ontario Environmental Training Consortium, OETC and we provide 1.4 CEU’s for each participant.